The Forecast at Greenwich Playhouse 19 Jan 2010

Marvin and the Cats presents its first production, The Forecast, at the Greenwich Playhouse, a fringe venue in south London , from 19 Jan to 7 Feb 2010.

Using climate change as a starting point, the play explores society’s different responses to the gradual warming of the planet. The Forecast presents a bitter-sweet tale of survival on a globe running out of steam.

Marvin and The Cats is an international group formed of graduates from the theatre school L’Ecole de Jacques Lecoq in Paris. The group presents a form of political theatre, using a contemporary style drawing from the European clown tradition, Commedia dell'Arte and mime.

Jay Miller, Co-founder of the company said: “We don’t want to preach about the rights and wrongs of people’s response and attitudes towards climate change, instead we want to approach the phenomenon from a variety of angles: environmental, economical, ethical, and political. Our play is an entertaining journey through complex issues that will hopefully generate public debate and drive a social movement for change.”

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