The Prisoner Of Windsor at Leicester Square Theatre

The Prisoner Of Windsor, or The King's Spit, a comedy musical, opens in the Main House at Leicester Square Theatre, 20 May 2011, following previews from 10 May - running to 11 JUne 2011.

Written and directed by Justin Butcher, with music by Harvey Brough. Produced by Leicester Square Theatre in association with Passion Pit Theatre.

Created fresh in the weeks following the Royal Wedding.

With a format (extremely) loosely based on The Prisoner of Zenda, Wills looses his nerve as the voice coaching lessons from someone not un-akin to Geoffrey Rush fall on deaf ears. As luck would have it, one of Prince Philips’ early eastern European excursions have resulted in a line of look-a-likes in the Southern Romanian region, and, by uncanny coincidence a recent immigrant and lowly Palace gardener'Romulus' is found to fill Wills’ shoes. Can he fulfil a nation’s hopes and rekindle the ailing heart of broken Britain?

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