The Prophet By Hassan Abdulrazzak at The Gate Theatre

The Prophet by Hassan Abdulrazzak, at The Gate Theatre, a fringe venue in Notting Hill, west London, from 14 June to 21 July 2012.

Directed by Christopher Haydon, designed by Holly Pigott, lighting by Mark Howland, sound by Alex Baranowski.

Cast includes Sasha Behar (Layla), Silas Carson (Hani / Metwali), Melanie Jessop (Suzanne), Nitzan Sharron (Hisham).

It’s January 28th 2011 and Egypt stands on the brink. For three days the streets of Cairo have been pounded by the feet of thousands of protesters marching against the ossified, stagnant regime of President Hosni Mubarak. But for Layla and Hisham, a young couple living in downtown Cairo, a dictatorial and corrupt government is only one of their problems. As the world shifts, cataclysmically, around them, some long hidden secrets threaten to emerge and tear them apart.

Based on extensive interviews in Cairo with revolutionaries and soldiers, journalists and cab drivers, this new play depicts both a revolution in progress and the society from which it sprang.

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