The Provoked Wife at Greenwich Playhouse from 11 Oct

The Provoked Wife, by Sir John Vanbrugh, adapted & abridged by Perfect mAYhem, at the Greenwich Playhouse, in south London, from 11 Oct to 6 Nov 2011.

Provocatively suggests that the unhappily married Lady Brute, trapped in an abusive marriage with the brutish Sir John Brute, could consider leaving it or taking a lover. Joining this tragicomic rollercoaster of a Restoration play are Lady Brute’s niece Belinda and the young love-interests Heartfree and Constant, firing off witty ripostes between the intimate florid conversational dialogue. Serving-up an extra slice of chaos, the cast of characters is topped off by the deluded Lady Fancyfull and her pert French maid Mademoiselle.

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