The Royal Court Theatre announce Autumn 2010 Season

The Royal Court Theatre announces its Autumn Season including six new plays: Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris, Wanderlust by Nick Payne, Tribes by Nina Raine, Red Bud by Brett Neveu, Kin by E V Crowe, and previously mentioned Get Santa by Anthony Neilson and Nick Powell.

Public Booking opens 14 June 2010.

In the Theatre Downstairs

CLYBOURNE PARK, by Bruce Norris, opens 2 Sep 2010, following previews from 26 Aug - running to 2 Oct 2010. Directed by Dominic Cooke. Satirical play explores the fault line between race and property. In 1959 Russ and Bev are selling their desirable two-bed at a knock-down price. This enables the first Black family to move into the neighbourhood, creating ripples of discontent amongst the cosy white urbanites of Clybourne Park. In 2009, the same property is being bought by Lindsey and Steve whose plans to raze the house and start again is met with a similar response. Are the issues festering beneath the floorboards actually the same fifty years on?

TRIBES, by Nina Raine, opens 20 Oct 2010, following previews from 14 Oct - running to 13 Nov 2010. Directed by Roger Michell. Dissection of belonging, family and the limitations of communication. Billy's fiercely intelligent and proudly unconventional family are their own tiny empire, with their own private language, jokes and rules. You can be as rude as you like, as possessive as you like, as critical as you like. Arguments are an expression of love. After all, you'd do anything for each other - wouldn't you? But Billy, who is deaf, is one of the few who actually listens. Meeting Sylvia makes him finally want to be heard; can he get a word in edgeways?

GET SANTA, A family Christmas drama by Anthony Neilson and Nick Powell. Music by Nick Powell, opens 14 Dec 2010, following previews from 1 Dec - running to 15 Jan 2011. Directed by Anthony Neilson. Follows a ten-year old girl, Holly, in her quest to find the perfect family, meeting a host of weird and wonderful characters along the way.


In the Theatre Upstairs

WANDERLUST, by Nick Payne, opens 15 Sep 2010, following previews from 9 Sep - running to 9 Oct 2010. Directed by Simon Godwin. Joy is a married woman, a GP, and struggling to remain interested in sex. Her husband Alan, however, thinks of little else. And their teenage son Tim is ready to burst.

RED BUD, by Brett Neveu, opens 25 Oct 2010, following previews from 21 Oct - running to 13 Nov 2010. Directed by Jo McInnes. An American drama about the creeping spread of middle age. ‘Red Buuuud!’ rings out across the camp as five friends gather in ritual homage at the annual Motorcross championship. Greg used to ride with speed and style, but this year he brings his pregnant wife instead of his bike. Times have changed. As they relive past glories, the haze of beer and smoke can’t disguise their fading friendship.

KIN, by E V Crowe, opens 24 Nov 2010, following previews from 19 Nov - running to 23 Dec 2010. Directed by Jeremy Herrin. An intricate and anarchic view of what really goes on when ten year olds are away from home.

Coming up in 2011, the Royal Court will present the world premiere of Wastwater, a new play by Simon Stephens, directed by Katie Mitchell. Performed in three parts, audiences will see all three in one night in differing orders.

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