The Royal Court Theatre Autumn Season

The Royal Court Theatre Autumn Season

The Royal Court Theatre Autumn 2005 Season includes

In the theatre Downstairs....

by Richard Bean (Opens 8 Sep 2005, following previews from 2 Sep, closes 1 Oct 2005). Directed by Wilson Milam, designed by Dick Bird with lighting by Paul Keogan. Starring Sharon Bower, Mike Burnside, Sian Brooke, Matthew Dunster, Gareth Farr, Craig Gazey, Jane Hazlegrove, Adrian Hood, Clare Lams, Paul Popplewell, Jochum Ten Haaf, Dickon Tyrell. . On 14th May 1875 Lord Primrose Agar, drunk as a skunk, wagered one of his tenant farmers, Orlando Harrison, that his border collie pup Jip would outlive the 94-year-old Harrison. The prize would be 82 acres of up and down known as Kilham Wold Farm, near Driffield in East Yorkshire. Thirteen years later, having buried his dog, Agar shook hands with Orlando and conferred on the Harrisons a century of struggle. Richard Bean's comic new play sweeps through four generations of a Yorkshire farming family fighting to protect their livelihood.

Developed by Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner, from the writings of Rachel Corrie. (Opens 14 Oct 2005, following previews from 11 Oct, closes 29 Oct 2005). Directed by Alan Rickman. Starring Megan Dodds Why did a 23-year-old woman leave her comfortable American life to stand between a bulldozer and a Palestinian home? The short life and sudden death of Rachel Corrie, and the words she left behind.

by Tom Murphy (Opens 16 Nov 2005, following previews from 10 Nov, closes 10 Dec 2005). Directed by Ian Rickson , designed by Jeremy Herbert. Starring Juliet Stevenson .Three ages of Alice. 1980, in the afternoon murk of her attic, is Alice losing her grip on reality? 1995, she has summoned a lost love to meet her by the gasworks wall. 2005, at the airport: if the worst has happened, why is it bearable?

In the theatre Upstairs....

by Martin Crimp (Opens 12 Sep 2005, following previews from 8 Sep, closes 1 Oct 2005). Directed by James Macdonald,designed by Tom Pye, lighting by Martin Richman. Starring Rachael Blake, Neil Dudgeon, Paul Hickey, Tanya Moodie.'Things are definitely looking up ­ brighter light ­ more frequent boating ­ more confident smile ­ things are improving day by day ­ who ever would've guessed?'

by Gregory Burke (Opens 11 Oct 2005, following previews from 7 Oct, closes 22 Oct 2005). It is directed by Matt Wilde , designed by Lisa Lillywhite, lighting by Paul Anderson. Produced by Royal Court and Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. Starring Andrew Schofield . Tickets, merchandise, money, drugs. All are just a phone call away. H is a Manc, Ray is a Scouser. They service the needs and exploit the chaos of football fans abroad following England to make money, trade, or steal. When H meets Daz, an ex-Marine, in a police cell, he sees an opportunity to turn his dealings with Ray into something bigger.

by Gregory Motton (Opens 2 Nov 2005, following previews from 28 Oct, closes 26 Nov 2005). It is directed by Simon Usher with design by Anthony Lamble. A cottage by the sea. Two old lovers re-unite for a weekend after 30 years. He has an appointment with death, and she has left her husband upstairs. Both think the other has betrayed their love. They fight it out as a storm grows out at sea.

by Linda Brogan (Opens 9 Dec 2005, following previews from 7 Dec, closes 22 Dec 2005). It is directed by Paulette Randall , designed by Libby Watson, lighting by James Farncombe . Lauren's come back for Christmas dinner, but she's not staying. They've found her a place with a creche so she can do her exams. Dad thinks she should stay home and Mum thinks she should have kept her legs shut. It's Moss Side 1974.

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