The Seagull at the White Bear Theatre in Dec

Front Foot Theatre present The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, translated by Michael Frayn, at the White Bear Theatre, a fringe venue in Kennington, south east London, from 3 to 22 Dec 2013.

Directed by Sebastien Blanc, the play is Front Foot’s first production. Designed by Joana Dias, lighting by Venus Raven, sound by Stefan Andrews and costume by Jane Rankine. Cast includes Louise Templeton, Kim Hardy, Stephen Christos, Julia Papp, Paul Hughes, Maura Duffy, Anne Stafford, Michael Luke Walsh, Lawrence O'Connor, James Tweedy.

The Seagull unfolds against the backdrop of a tranquil lake, a constant reminder of nature and simplicity, which serves to bring into stark contrast the chaos which ensues at a large manor house ensconced in the provinces of Russia circa 1890.

We follow ten separate lives as they fight for love, artistic integrity, worth and happiness. Arkadina, a famous but now ageing actress dominates with a vanity born of success as her son, Konstantin, strives to gain his mother's love, to define himself as an artist and win the heart of Nina - a poor country girl with aspirations of becoming an actress for which she is prepared to sacrifice everything in her life. With the arrival of Trigorin, a famous writer, in the thrall of Arkadina, the true struggle begins as Nina falls madly in love with him - igniting jealousies and fears which ultimately lead us to tread the path of tragedy.

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