The Spring Tide by Carol Vine at the Old Red Lion

Oliver Taheri Productions & Fragile Ambition presents The Spring Tide, by Carol Vine, at the Old Red Lion Theatre, a 60-seat fringe venue above the pub, from 3 to 21 Sep 2013.

Directed by Graham Hubbard, cast includes Phillipa Peak, Alison Lewin, Lorena Vila, Nellie McQuinn, James Buller, Pierro Nel Mee, Sam Dunham.

Suzy has loved Lan her whole life, or so it seems. A world without Lan in it would be unimaginable. But the strongest feelings are also the most dangerous, and Suzy is afraid. Instead of Lan, she opts for a life of safety, convincing herself over the years that this is the right path.

It is designed by Jenny Gamble, lighting by Scott Pryce-Jones, sound by Harry Barker.

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