The Tempest by Stagepunk at White Bear 11 Jan 2012

Stagepunk presents The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, at the White Bear Theatre, in Kennington, south London from 11 to 15 Jan 2012, directed by Simon Jay.

In 2010, Stagepunk productions held an experiment at Bournemouth University, to produce Hamlet for an audience with no interest in Shakespeare. Now in January 2012, Stagepunk produces The Tempest in the same vein. This play has been cut to a tight 100 minutes, divided into 17 varied episodes, a technique to create inventive mini-plays, each with a different style.

The Tempest has been cast in a way unlike traditional productions, with new interpretations of character and meaning. This collective of actors reflect the diversity within the local Kennington community with the actors coming from a wide-range of backgrounds and represent a diverse cross-section. This includes the disabled, ethnic minorities, gay/lesbian, and mental health suffers. Ultimately, this provides a fresh interpretation for those who are fans of Shakespeare, whilst illuminating the text for newcomers.

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