The Unrest Cure at Pentameters Theatre

The Unrest Cure is coming to The Pentameters Theatre, Hampstead, from 08 - 26 Nov 2011

The Unrest Cure Written by Simon Godziek and Rob Groves, inspired by the works of P.G. Wodehouse, directed by Rob Groves, designed by Godfrey Old, produced by Léonie Scott-Matthews.

Cast includes Tom Yeates, Math Sams, Lucy Middleditch, Mark Donahue, Eva Gray, Léonie Scott-Matthews, Steven Blake.

Cecilia and Ernest Huddlestone lead a rather mundane life at their private hotel in Chickerell, West Dorset. That is until the day that a conversation is overheard by chance by Charlie d Virginia, a brother and sister looking for a diversion, and Cecilia and Ernest’s lives are turned upside down forever! What is the real identity of the new guests at the Sea View Hotel? Will Ernest’s cat survive a brush with Mr Schrödinger? Do honey-stealing bears live in West Dorset? What happened to Virginia and Charlie's parents outside the Stanaines branch of Timothy Whites? And what exactly is an Unrest Cure anyway?
With confusions and coincidences aplenty, watch as this hilarious cast of characters try to untangle the mysterious goings on at the Sea View Hotel - a place where sneaky plots, mistaken identities, exotic dances and love affairs abound.

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