The Writers' Room at the John Gielgud Theatre

Accidental Theatre presents Michael Shannon's dark comedy The Writers' Room, at the John Gielgud Theatre, at RADA, in central London, from 9 to 13 Aug 2011, as part of the Camden Festival Fringe.

Once a week, four very different writers meet up to rip apart each others work. Kirk can't quit setting his stories in space. Sweet M.T.'s one-woman show is missing a good monologue. Ryan hasn't the guts to confront life on or off the page. And Beth is desperately searching for an ending. Today when they arrive for their meeting a script is sitting on the table waiting for them. It's called The Writers' Room. It's about four writers, has a dead body and not many pages left.

Directed by Richard Lavery, The Writers' Room features Aisling Groves-McKeown (Mary-Terese), Katy Charlotte Campalani (Beth), Dan Leith (Ryan) and Matt Faris( Kirk).

The creative team features design by Rachel Szmukler, lighting by Jacqueline O’Hagan and sound by Martin Byrne.

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