Torture Team at Tricycle Theatre Sunday 18 May

Torture Team at Tricycle Theatre Sunday 18 May

Torture Team: The People Who Brought Cruelty And Criminality To Guantanamo, divised by Nicolas Kent, Vanessa Redgrave & Philippe Sands, will be at the Tricycle Theatre for one night only - Sunday 18 May 2008 at 7.30pm

With Vanessa Redgrave, Philippe Sands, Joanna Lumley, Bill Hoyland, Clive Stafford-Smith, Paul Bhattarchargee & Alex Jennings.

An enquiry into the interrogation techniques used by the American Administration and military in Guantanamo and beyond. From the Justice Cases that inspired the 1961 Oscar winning movie Judgment at Nuremburg, the question arises: when do lawyers who authorise abuse cross a line into criminality?

Produced by the Tricycle to coincide with the publication of Philippe Sands' new book Torture Team

All proceeds from the evening to go to: Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture and Reprieve

(Tickets £50, allocated seats £75 - Tel: 020 7328 1000)

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