Up4aMeet? with Matt Evers at Waterloo East

David Adkin Limited presents Up4aMeet, an adult comedy by Jeff Moody and Simon Peek, directed by Drew Baker, at the Waterloo East Theatre, a fringe venue in central London, from 4 to 22 Sep 2012.

Starring Dancing on Ice’s Matt Evers (Grant), Nikki Zilli (Caroline), (NOTE: UPDATE 26 JULY Josie Gibson has withdrwan from this play) Benedict Garrett (Costas), Marc Gee-Finch.

Tells the story of three gay men, who spend their lives on an online dating website. Unlucky in love, Grant enlists the aid of his friend Caroline to take some nude pictures that might enhance his online dating profile. His flatmate Costas, a Spanish nudist, has endless success with the site and even his neighbour, with the Shirley Bassey fixation appears to get a fair share of the virtual action. What happens when Grant falls in love with a handsome stranger? How does Julian end up NAKED, wrapped in clingfilm ... and is getting a shag really like ordering a pizza?

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