"We Will Rock You" to close 7 Oct 2006

"We Will Rock You" to close 7 Oct 2006

It has now been officially confirmed that We Will Rock You will close 7 Oct 2006 at the Dominion Theatre, when the show is expected to go on a UK tour

By its final performance at the Dominion, the show will have attracted an audience of over 3 million, and broken all house records at the theatre which has been its home since 26 April 2002. Not least of all is the achievement reached in August of last year, when the show overtook Grease to become the longest running musical ever at the theatre. In addition, by the time it reaches closing, We Will Rock You, will have outstayed Disney's Beauty and the Beast by almost two years.

Following London, productions have opened in Australia, Spain, Russia, Las Vegas, USA, Japan, and Germany. To date, more than 5 million people have seen the show worldwide, with box office and merchandise earnings in excess of £200 million.

This year will see the show open in South Africa, Italy, and return for a second run in Japan.

There is also the expectation that having played its UK tour the show will revisit London.

Says producer Phil McIntyre: "We are bursting with excitement; at last provincial audiences will get a true rock extravaganza. We can't wait to see the first night reactions throughout the country. We Will Rock You will rock the UK; it is the biggest and best rock theatrical!"

We Will Rock You , which has songs by Queen and book by Ben Elton, is directed by Christopher Renshaw, choreographed by Arlene Phillips, with designs by Mark Fisher and Willie Williams.

We Will Rock You does not chronicle the story of the band, Queen, rather it incorporates the songs of the rock group. The time is the future. Globalisation is complete. Everywhere, the kids watch the same movies wear the same fashions and think the same thoughts. It's a safe happy, Ga Gaworld. Unless your a rebel. Unless you want rock. On Planet Mall all musical instruments are banned. The company computers generate the tunes and everyone downloads them. But resistance is growing. Legend persists that somewhere on Planet Mall instruments still exist......

Photo: Hannah Jane Fox (Scaramouche), Peter Johansson (Galileo) and Jeff Shankley (Pop)

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