Write Now - new writing season at Brockley Jack Studio

Write Now - a new writing season celebrating creativity south of the river - will feature three unperformed plays at The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, a fringe venue in south London

16 to 20 Feb 2010
Compression, by Joy Wilkinson. Directed by Jennifer Lunn, starring Gareth Kennerley . Ever since he was born, a terrible gift has cut Robin off from those around him. Today that may change. This is Robin's last chance to propose to the woman he loves, but he has to get to Machu Picchu to do it. And how can he cross the world, when he can't even get out of his bedsit?

23 to 27 Feb 2010
Fighting, by Tom Green. Directed by Kate Bannister. 'Will we fight back? Without any weapons. What are we going to do? Throw stones? Call them names?' Two soldiers flee from an ambush in the middle of the night. They think it’s just a military exercise but the arrival of a wounded colleague suggests that the fighting is for real. So who is behind it? And are they out there still, hunting them down? Fighting is a provocative new drama that compels us to question what we can rely on and whose account of the truth we should believe.

2 to 6 March 2010
The Bitch From Brixton, by Kate Gallon & Kate-Lynn Hocking. Directed by Mark Leipacher. Open and shut cases are rarely what they seem. Ruth Ellis, the so-called 'Bitch from Brixton' is hanged after being found guilty of the murder of her lover. Yet beyond the tabloid controversy lurks a seedy underbelly of espionage, power and betrayal in 1950's London.

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