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Disney On Ice Tour in the UK in January 2024

Explore all the venues across the country where you can see Disney On Ice Presents: Dream Big Tour in the UK in 2024. Book your tickets now on London Theatre.

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Prepare to witness your dreams materialise in front of your very eyes with Disney On Ice presents Dream Big, a magical family show that brings Disney's beloved universe to life on ice.

Be captivated by the enchanting ice-skating performances, as Disney's timeless tales are recreated, spanning from the frozen landscapes of Arendelle to the breathtaking Polynesian islands. Join all your most cherished characters, including Miguel on his adventure through the Land of the Dead, Moana and Maui as they fearlessly restore the heart of Te Fiti, and Anna and Elsa as they rescue their kingdom from the grip of an eternal frost.

Discover all the venues for Disney On Ice presents Dream Big near you and book your tickets today on London Theatre.