Blinded by the Sun

Saturday, 14 September, 1996

Christopher, played by Duncan Bell announces to his colleagues that he has made a major breakthrough with his research. This would make him and his employers very rich. However, he intends announcing the breakthrough to the press before publishing the results. (Normally scientists publish first so that other scientists can test that it works) Al, played by Douglas Hodge, and who has only just been put in charge of the research department becomes suspicious and tries to find evidence of fraud. What follows is an interesting look at what pressures are put on scientists as they strive for fame and recognition.

I was a little disappointed with the performance of Duncan Bell, he was not convincing enough for me, a little lightweight for the part. Douglas Hodge was much better, but he fidgeted a lot and tended to talk through his teeth which all irritated me. The best performance was by Frances de la Tour, who played Elinor. Elinor is a scientist who has worked at the institution the longest. She never reveals to the firm what she is working on. And she spends nearly all her spare time at work, socialising very little. However, Al worships and respects her. We get the best dialogue between these two.

Frances de la Tour has won many acting awards in the past and you can see why. She has this wonderful look and feel to her that captivates you.

The sets are very basic in this small Cottelsloe theatre. Consisting of about 5 cupboards containing plastic bags full of mementos that Al kept of all the incidents that happened during the play.

Directed by Ron Daniels , this is a interesting and refreshing play that is certainly worth seeing.

(Darren Dalglish)

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