Cardiff East

Saturday, 22 February, 1997

One story line concerns 'Stella' who has not come to terms with the death of one of her sons in an accident some years ago. This made her over protective to the other son, who is also still feeling the effects of his brothers death.

In a another story 'Shirley', who comes from a rough background where her father used to beat her mother, is having marital problems with her alcoholic husband.

Another story concerns the friendship of Neil and Tommy, friends who are developing gay feelings for each other. There are other stories going on with them all sort of intertwined in some way.

The acting wasn't particularly memorable by any of the cast, but it must be difficult with a script like this. However, I did enjoy Gwenllian Davis's performance. She was marvellous as 'Annie' a dear old lady who liked betting on the horses and going to the bingo.

'Cardiff East' is like watching a soap opera for two and half hours, and a bad one at that! It's like the omnibus of the BBC TV soap 'Eastenders'. Every one miserable, complaining and depressed. I've never been to Wales and after this play I don't think I'll be rushing to take my holiday there!

The set is pretty basic, using just a bed and a lot of chairs. But then they needed a lot of chairs as there is a cast of 14, and all remain on the stage the entire time!

Give this one a miss.

(Darren Dalglish)

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