Genre: Drama
Opened 22 Nov 2005
Written: By Peter Arnott
Producer: Mull Theatre
Synopsis: 'Colonel' Brian Traquair is a man with a secretive past and an ambiguous present. Michael Griffen is Traquair's protege from their past life working for the British government in Oman and Afghanistan. Griffen brings the darkness of the outside world to the remote island home Traquair shares with his daughter, and exposes secrets from their own tangled lives. Terrorism and intrigue, corruption and covert action, have all come home...

What the critics had to say.....
LYN GARDNER for THE GUARDIAN says, "Three-hander is an old-fashioned psychological thriller in which the characters drink too much, talk too much and let the skeletons in their cupboards come tumbling out in a way that only ever happens in plays of a certain genre." SAM MARLOWE for THE TIMES says, "A confusing mix of cliche and contrivance, its moral debate fatally undercut by its subsidence into melodrama...Its premise may intrigue, but Cyprus is a dramatic disappointment. " IAN SHUTTLEWORTH for THE FINANCIAL TIMES says. "A taut, intelligent three-hander set...This is an adept bit of work."

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