Friday, 27 October, 1995

This is a very disappointing play. The whole production looked amateurish. The set was simply awful. A Carousel in the centre of the stage didn't seem to serve any useful purpose, and the revolving doors were irritating. Nearly every time a actor came through them you could see them consciously making sure they were closed properly, this was very distracting. Perhaps I would not have noticed it so much if the play had been a little better. In fact, it needed to be a lot better.

The performance of Naseeruddin Shah as Cyrano was very convincing, and the beautiful voice of Vidya Rao was a delight to hear. Other than this the whole production from start to finish was poor. Lasting three hours it has to be one of the worst plays on the West End at the moment.

(Darren Dalglish)

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