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Dickens Unplugged

Dickens Unplugged

Genre: Comedy musical
Opened 9 June 2008
Written: by Adam Long
Directed: Adam Long
Cast:Joseph Attenborough, Matthew Hendrickson, Simon Jermond, Adam Long, Gabriel Vick
Synopsis: 'This is the life and works of Charles Dickens as never seen before. It’s fast, furious and in five-part harmony. This unique interpretation will give audiences a light-hearted insight into an incredible man: from his bleak childhood to his complicated marriage, numerous children and his final years. With instruments from acoustic guitar to accordion and harmonica to horns, and using an incredible mix of musical styles, the cast give voice to a host of Dickens' most eccentric and loved characters. Oliver Twist, Tiny Tim, David Copperfield, Miss Havisham, Charles Darnay and many more appear in Adam Long’s 20 original songs which include ‘Aint Goin Back To Blackin’ and 'Far Far Better Thing'.

What the popular press had to say.....
FIONA MOUNTFORD for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "I fear...that Dickens Unplugged may soon be going down the plughole." PAUL CALLAN for the DAILY EXPRESS says, "Highly original, fast-moving and witty."; PAUL TAYLOR for THE INDEPENDENT says, "The trouble is that the material is thin and repetitive, a fact that the winning, spirited performances can't disguise." LYN GARDENER for THE GUARDIAN says, "Adam Long's dumbed-down and dreary musical celebration of the works of Charles Dickens certainly had me scuttling back to my bookshelves, but only with the aim of burning the entire canon." CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "The show is a lot of fun...The show, with a clever, cluttered Dickensian design by Lez Brotherston, has a genuine fizz about it. And if Dickens Unplugged also encourages people to go home and read the original novels, then it will have served a useful as well as an entertaining purpose." JEREMY KINGSTON for THE TIMES says, "a glum recognition of the depths to which comedy can sink." PATRICK MARMION for THE DAILY MAIL says, "Fresher and funnier than ever...this is a show which gets funnier as it goes along."

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