Light Shining in Buckinghamshire Review 1997

Saturday, 11 January, 1997

Considering this play covers an important and interesting part of history when Cromwell set about getting rid of Charles I , giving the people more of a say in the country, it disappoints an awful lot.

I think the angle that the writer was aiming at was the hopes and despair of the people and how some saw God as their saviour while others doubted . Frankly this just didn’t work for me, I found the whole play dull and repetitive, particularly the second act which was one the worst pieces of theatre I’ve seen. Mostly this act consisted of people moaning about God or praising him, and with the word ‘God’ being said almost every 30 seconds I was getting just a little uncomfortable, as the play just didn’t seem to be going anywhere significant.

It is difficult sometimes to judge the acting when a play is so poor. No one stood out for me, but this isn’t a surprise because the play lacked the strength , body and dialogue for the actors to really get into.

I won’t be seeing this again!

(Darren Dalglish)

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