Love's Labour's Lost Review 2001

  • June 2001

    This production has received favourable notices from the popular press…. Fiona Mountford for THE TIMES says the production is “Enchanting” and the acting is “almost uniformly excellent”. She goes on to say, “I defy anyone not to enjoy this.” Paul Taylor for THE INDEPENDENT describes the production as “delightful”. CHARLES SPENCER for DAILY TELEGRAPH says, “The excellent director Rachel Kavanaugh, however, demonstrates that, despite frequent appearances to the contrary, this is a play with a heart.” He goes on to say, “The Open Air Theatre has another summer hit on its hands.” Michael Billington for THE GUARDIAN says, “Rachel Kavanaugh, a fast-rising director, treats us to a lovingly intelligent production set in a Napoleonic Navarre with just a touch of Jeffrey Farnol Regency romance.” He goes on to say, “Kavanaugh's language-loving production shows that, on current form, it can give the RSC a healthy run for its money.” LISA WHITBREAD for THE STAGE says, “This production produces an entertaining, light-hearted interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays.” THE SUNDAY TIMES says, "Witty, elegant, nimbly paced production...with witty, elegant, nimble paced performances."

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