Macbeth Review Shakespeare's Globe 2001

Written by William Shakespeare.
Director: Tim Carroll
Producer: Globe
Starring: Jasper Britton as 'Macbeth', Eve Best as 'Lady Macbeth'.
Synopsis:Macbeth is offered a vision of his future by three mystics, and sets about ensuring the prophesy is realised. With the help of his talented and manipulative wife he leaves behind a trail of violence and murder as he heads towards his inevitable fate.

A round up of the press notices......

This production has received poor reviews from the popular press...... CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, “It is self-indulgent ‘directors' theatre’ at its dismal worst, determined to be fresh, different and irreverent even if it means totally missing the spirit of the play.” He goes on to say, “He [Jasper Britton] plays this fearsome warrior like a man back not from the battlefield but from a posh dinner at the Garrick Club.” PAUL TAYLOR for THE INDEPENDENT says, “The emotional temperature is too cool throughout. Britton gives a deeply intelligent performance, but like this Macbeth as a whole, it remains too cerebral.” NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, “I have never seen such a crazy, mixed-up production of Macbeth.” LYNN GARDNER for THR GUARDIAN says, “There are good actors in this company, possibly even some great ones, but you would never know it from this production.” JOHN PETER for THE SUNDAY TIMES says, "This is one of the most witless and pretentious productions of this play, indeed of any Shakespeare play, I've ever seen". He goes on to say, "This production is a piece of worthless, arrogant rubbish."

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