New Rocky Horror Show

The rock musical begins with the "phantoms," introduction to the show, an energetic beginning which is to lead to a great evening full of dance and song.

The actual plot begins when Brad Majors, and Janet Weiss's car breaks down and they are forced to seek help. They find themselves at a secluded castle, home to the transvestite, Frank 'n' Furter, from Transsexual Transylvania. It is here that they meet Franks servants, Magenta, a domestic and Riff-Raff,a handyman and where Franks "new creation" is released.

Their journey proves revealing, and Brad and Janet find themselves intimately involved in, and seduced by Franks plan.

Jason Donovan takes over the lead from previous Franks such as Tim Curry and Anthony Head, with superb stage presence. He makes the role his own, with just the right amount of masculinity that the role requires. It is as far away from his soap acting as it could be, but a definite success.

His singing has power and carries the glam rock aspect through the production along with the great voices of the supporting cast, in particular from Laurie Brett, who plays Magenta, and Simona Morecroft, in the role of Janet.

As the audience participation is a huge part of the show, Jason, and the other actors/actresses react well and seem to thrive on the comments thrown at them which adds a definitely unique aspect to the show. A great many of the audience themselves dress as Rocky characters, so you could well end up sitting next to someone wearing fishnets, corset and feather boa! It is also visible that many bring their own props to use at particular moments in the show, for example torches for during the lyrics, "theres a light over at the Frankenstein Place."

The atmosphere is inescapable, and evident from the very beginning, the audience and fans reacting in particular to Franks famous entrance to great his guests with the song, " Sweet transvestite."

The costumes for the production, again designed by Sue Blane, complement the shows genre, where sequins and feathers are seen in abundance, and that's just the men!

It finishes shortly, on the 5th June, but is supposedly back in September.

It is an unmissable theatrical experience, that leaves you wanting more so, "Come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab," before it's too late.


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