Tuesday, 10 December, 1996

While this is a pleasant couple of hours with a nice story, it just isn't funny!! This cannot be blamed on the acting of the two main characters D'Arcy, played by Grif Rhys Jones and Freddy Malone, played by Kevin McNally. They both performed superbly, and most convincingly with great timing. It is the story which lacks classic scenes and comedy that farce needs to be effective.

I was very disappointed with the performance of Rachell Bell, who plays Mrs Hewlett. The character was supposed to be a little sneaky and domineering, but she failed totally to covey this with any confidence. She just didn't look natural, it looked just like she was acting the part rather than being the character, very unconvincing.

If you're looking for belly laughs I doubt you'll find them here, but nevertheless it is worth seeing just for Rhys Jones and McNally.

(Darren Dalglish)

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