Really Old, Like Forty Five

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"Whatever its uncertainties of tone, I still warmly recommend Oglesby's play for ­recognising that we need to treat the old as human beings rather than statistics." "Tamsin Oglesby is one of the first to confront the situation theatrically, and even if her comedy bungs too much in, I applaud her for fearlessly tackling the big issue."
Michael Billington for The Guardian

"The contrast here between the personal and the political has bite, but there’s a frustrating uncertainty of purpose: is this satire, farce or a poignant danse macabre?"
Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

"The transition between satire and passages of deeper feeling make for some awkward dramatic gear changes, but Anna Mackmin’s superbly acted, niftily designed production never loses its grip. "
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"Unfortunately, other than its topicality Anna Mackmin's production has dismally little to recommend it. "
Kate Bassett for The Independent

"An uneven piece, which gets a bit becalmed, scattered and (to my ageing mind) confusing in the second half...there is some awkwardness in a play that veers a bit unpredictably from domestic drama to social satire. Still, Anna Mackmin’s production brings us fine performances..."
Benedict Nightingale for the Times

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