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Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens Review 1998

"Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens" is a high camp, disco dancing spectacular musical that will have you laughing and dancing, so be prepared to have fun and get involved. It is refreshing and a must for all those that love a zany, camp night out. It is not a show for straight-laced people or those without a sense of humour. "Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens" is surely working towards attracting a cult following in the same way as "The Rocky Horror Show" has. Although don't be mistaken, this is not a clone of the "Rocky Horror Show", it is very original and in my opinion more fun!

As soon as you enter the auditorium the atmosphere is cosmic. The stage curtain is lit up with a film showing stars and planets and spacecraft coming into and out of view. There are spotlights that shine searchlights around the auditorium. Yes, it certainly feels like you're on a space station yourself.

The story concerns a band of elite federal agents called ' The Space Vixens', a sexy group of crime fighters in 'Glitter Boots', who go to the planet Frottage III to investigate a series of murders .The victims are all slain with a sequined stiletto embedded in their chest. Can the Space Vixens identify the murderer nicknamed 'The Slingback killer'?

Frottage III is a debauched space age haven for gender outlaws and people with plastic fetishes. (It is illegal to use plastic, glitz, PVC, nylon and any other synthetics.) The action takes place in a seedy bar on Frottage III called Saucy Jack's, where most of its performers have been murdered by the 'Slingback Killer'.

The staff of Saucy Jack's is all disco bopping dreamers. Booby (played by a man David Ashley), a young looking girl with a 1960's bob haircut and short dress, dreams of being a Space Vixen and promises herself that "As long as I live I'll never be submissive again". Mitch (Mark Oxtoby), the barman, hides a 'plastic fetish' and is also being seduced by Whackoff (Adam Meggido), a doctor of psychology who has gone to the bar to observe the inhabitants. Sammy (Daniel Wexler), the nightclub act has dreams of falling in love with a Space Vixen, but is shy amongst girls and to make matters worse he is thought to be the next victim on the Slingback Killer's list.

When the Space Vixens arrive at Saucy Jack's, all three Vixens fall in love! Jubilee Climax (Catherine Porter) the leader, falls for Jack (David Schofield), the owner of the bar and her ex lover, Bunny Lingus (Johanna Allitt), a big butch lesbian falls for Chesty (Hannah Weddingham), a sexy, slim, big busted, tough blonde who is visiting the bar, and Anna Labia (Natasha Bain) who has the hots for Sammy.

The music is very catchy and the choreography works well with its high camp 60's and 70's dancing. I simply love the dance scene where they click their heels, which sets of an electric spark and sound in rhythm with the music. Also, the lyrics are very funny, but listen very carefully, or you will miss many good lines!

The cast performed exceptionally well, particularly David Schofield as Jack, who produces some wonderful facial expressions and body movements, and one must also single out the young multi-talented Daniel Wexler who can sing, dance, act and play the saxophone.

The popular press (as probably expected) is not too keen on the show. NICK CURTIS of THE EVENING STANDARD calling it "Hopelessly amateurish" and goes on to say the show is "Likeable but incurably lame trash-fest". BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE of THE TIMES says, "Now it has completed "the long road to London's West End", its lack of charm, tension, wit and even sense is sadly exposed." MICHAEL COVENEY of THE DAILY MAIL says "Could be a cult, could be a flop. I really don't know and truly don't care". However, THE SUNDAY TIMES calls the show "Seedy, Sparkling fun".

With a stunning set design by David Blight, a six-piece band playing live on stage, zany costumes camp humour, crazy lyrics and wonderful songs, all alternative culture vultures everywhere must not miss this show!

(Darren Dalglish)

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