The Knot of the Heart

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"Stylish production, on Peter McKintosh's slick revolving set of glass and wood, holds us riveted."
Fiona Mountford for The Evening Standard

"There is no point in pretending this is an easy evening. David Eldridge’s superb new play is the most painful and persuasive account of addiction I have ever encountered...Eldridge wrote the play especially for Lisa Dillon and she is sensational as Lucy..."
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"Although David Eldridge's moving new play doesn't avoid all the pitfalls, it greatly heightens our understanding of the addictive personality and shows that dependence, whether on drugs or alcohol, is no respecter of class or status."
Michael Billington for The Guardian

"Eldridge created the role of Lucy for Lisa Dillon and she repays the debt with a shatteringly brilliant and unsparing performance. She brings the script's insights to harrowing, unsentimental life as she shows how this poor little rich girl struggles to defend herself against the truth of her plight with shrill petulant snobberies. "
Paul Taylor for The Independent

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