Treasure Island Review 2008

  • Date:
    Monday, 17 November, 2008

    Genre: Drama
    Opened 17 Nov 2008
    Written: by Robert Louis Stevenson, new stage adaptation by Ken Ludwig
    Directed: Sean Holmes
    Cast: Keith Allen (Long John Silver), Michael Legge (Jim Hawkins), Tony Bell (Bones/Captain Smollett), Paul Brennen (Ben Gunn/Black Dog), John Lightbody (Blind Pew/Trelawney), Dermot Kerrigan (Flint/Dr Livesy).

    What the popular press had to say.....
    FIONA MOUNTFORD for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Underwhelming account of piratical swashbuckling, which even Keith Allen’s anarchic spirit fails to perk up." MICHAEL COVENEY for THE INDEPENDENT says, "Sean Holmes's impressive production lacks only laughter and nuttiness. It's a bit too serious, as if aspiring to be yet another Royal Shakespeare Company-style reclamation of a children's classic." MICHAEL BILLINGTON for THE GUARDIAN says, "I'm puzzled as to who this production is aimed at. It's arrived prematurely for the school holidays, yet I can't see child-free adults wanting to immerse themselves in this quintessential boys' fantasy...What we have here is a noisy, knowing spectacle that looks as out of place in this jewel of a theatre as a herd of bulls in a china shop." BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE for THE TIMES says, " Uneven revival...the real problem is a lack of thrills." DOMINIC CAVENDISH for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "A racy, pacy, tough-as-old-boots adaptation...A bona fide festive treat.

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    Production photo by Tristram Kenton

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