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Operation Mincemeat Tickets

Operation Mincemeat Tickets

29 Mar 2023 - 19 Aug 2023

Operation Mincemeat Information

Operation Mincemeat transfers to its newest London home, the Fortune Theatre. Operation Mincemeat tickets will be available on London Theatre soon.

The Operation Mincemeat musical is based on the World War Two mission of the same name, which saw two members of British intelligence dress a deceased man as a Royal Marines officer to acquire information. The well-dressed corpse would eventually go on to trick Adolf Hitler, and the secret cross-dressing mission helped the Allied Forces win the war. Operation Mincemeat combines social commentary and farce in order to unpack the unbelievable true story.

In a five-star review of Operation Mincemeat for London Theatre, our critic said: “From its opening chorus, Operation Mincemeat is a fizzy, clever, compelling new musical. Operation Mincemeat speaks perfectly to the current political moment, but in subtle ways.”

Operation Mincemeat premiered at New Diorama Theatre in 2019, and has since played three extended periods at Southwark Playhouse in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Now, Operation Mincemeat heads west to Hammersmith. Operation Mincemeat flies the flag for original British theatre, as it's created by homegrown company SpitLip.

Tickets to Operation Mincemeat will be available soon.

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Opening date

March 29th, 2023

Closing date

August 19th, 2023




Recommended for ages 6+

Cast and creative

By: David Cumming, Felix Hagan, Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts
Songs by: David Cumming, Felix Hagan, Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts
Director: Donnacadh O’Briain
Cast list: David Cumming, Felix Hagan, Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts
Design: Helen Coyston
Lighting: Sherry Coenen
Costume: Helen Coyston
Choreography: Jenny Arnold

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