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Become a part of the action at incredible immersive theatre in London to take your breath away. Get tickets to immersive experiences on London Theatre.
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Going to the theatre isn’t all about sitting in your seat and watching a show. During an immersive show, you’ll be able to walk around the stage and interact with the cast as they take you through unbelievable stories. They take place in site-specific locations, and you, yes you, can take part in the action and become involved in the story. See interactive and unforgettable performances that will stay in your mind; by the end of the show, you’ll be fully immersed in the the theatre world.

Check out the best London immersive theatre taking place in the capital right now. Delve into ancient Greece at Punchdrunk’s The Burnt City located in Woolwich. Or, if you’re looking for an upbeat concert, then ABBA Voyage is an immersive experience that must be seen to be believed. From mind-bending mysteries to immersive adventures, and physical feats to calmer, relaxing shows, there’s a show for every taste. Browse through our list of London immersive shows and get ready to be transported to a new dimension. Get tickets to immersive theatre in London on London Theatre.

Frequently asked questions

What is immersive theatre?

Immersive theatre includes shows where the audiences are part of the action. Often, immersive theatre takes place at a large venue that's wholly transformed to reflect the world of the show, and audiences get to explore the world and encounter performances occurring all around them.

What is immersive vs. interactive theatre?

Immersive theatre often invites the audience to walk around, interact with the performers, and enter the plot in a nontraditional theatre setting. At interactive theatre, audiences still get to interact with the performers (like at young children's shows), but they might be in a more traditional setting for all or part of the time. All immersive theatre is interactive, but not all interactive theatre is immersive, even though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

What are the best immersive theatre experiences in London?

The long-running Punchdrunk: The Burnt City, an immersive experience inspired by Greek myths, gods, and heroes, is a popular show, along with a new immersive revival of Guys & Dolls with rave reviews. Secret Cinema's events are also great options for immersive theatre, allowing audiences to go on new, original adventures in the worlds of famous films and TV shows. Tickets to all these events are available on London Theatre now.

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