Interview with The Comedy About a Bank Robbery's Hannah Boyce

Hannah Boyce

Currently running at the Criterion Theatre, The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is Mischief Theatre's wacky play about, well, you can probably tell what it's about. The production recently announced it would be extending in the West End until April 2018 (April Fool’s day, no less), so we caught up with one of the show's cast to find out what it's like to be in the show. 

Hannah Boyce's previous theatre credits include UK tours of  Dreamboats and Petticoats and Horrible Histories, as well as appearing in New York and Toronto as part of  Chichester Festival Theatre's production of The Judas Kiss. She is currently playing Caprice Freeboys in ...Bank Robbery. 

What is it like working with Mischief Theatre? Is it as much fun as it seems?

It is a really fun job! Making people laugh every night is really rewarding and actually a really special thing to do! Mischief are an incredibly hardworking company - they never stop! There's always a new idea or suggestion to keep us all on our toes.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the play yet, what happens?

Well I won't give too much away, but the title sort of speaks for itself! There is diamond worth half a million dollars being kept in a bank in Minneapolis in the 1950s and everyone has their eye on it...

Have you always enjoyed performing this kind of comedy?

I love performing this type of comedy.I was first introduced to this slapstick style when I did the tour of Horrible Histories a couple of years ago and I learned the ways from some hilarious performers!

Which part of the play is your favourite part to perform?

I really like the apartment scene in act one where there is (again, no spoilers) a slightly dodgy pull-down bed! That part is really fun.

If you had to describe the show in one word (that isn't 'comedy'), what would it be?


If you could pick one of the other Mischief Theatre shows to perform in, which would you pick and why?

I think The Play That Goes Wrong has become so iconic now that it would be amazing to be part of it. You immediately know who is who just by the costumes, which is cool!

Why should people come and see The Comedy About a Bank Robbery?

It's a night where you can just forget about all the annoying things in life and just laugh at these people who are trying their best not to get caught with their pants down...

Finally, if you had to rob a bank, how would you do it?

I think I would get a job as a security guard and do it right under everyone's noses!! Do it in style. 

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