5/11 at The Bridewell Theatre from 1-5 Nov 2011

Tower Theatre Company's production of 5/11, written by Edward Kemp, plays at The Bridewell Theatre from 1 Nov - 5 Nov 2011.

Cast includes Laurence Ward (Catesby), Alex Cooper (James), Ian Hoare (Cecil), Martin South (Garnet), Julian Farrance (Northumberland), Ryan Brannon (Percy), Tom Blackwood (Winter/Executioner), Paul Isaacs (Tresham), Ed O'Shaughnessy (Monteagl), John Irvine (Lennox), Ed Malcomson(Fawkes/Southwell/Dodo/Pursuivant), Richard Pedersen (Topcliffe), Jonathan Wober (Ellesmere/Jack Wright/Bromley), Chris Yates (Somerset), Michael Mayne (Archbishop), Annemarie Fearnley (Anne Vaux), Sacha Walker (Suffolk), Emma Sullivan (Martha), Imogen Banks (Lizzie), Helena Franklin (Ane).

Drawing from the patterns of the past, 5/11 investigates how, in times of adversity and persecution, can zealous devotion turn believers into barbarians capable of committing mass murder in the name of faith? When does belief cross the line from protest to terrorism

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