A Few Man Fridays at Riverside Studios.

A Few Man Fridays, written and directed by Adrian Jackson, is at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, from 10 Feb 2012 - 10 Mar 2012.

Designed by Fred Meller, music and soundtrack by David Baird, produced by Cardboard Citizens.

A Few Man Fridays is a tale on the large scale; of global expediency for which the entire population of a chain of tropical islands, the Chagos Archipelago, was made homeless as part of the game of nations; of the power of fear and of the price of conservation. A Few Man Fridays is also a tale on the small scale; of Prosper, a man without family who needs to know his own story; of the blindness of best intentions and of the individuals who had to leave. It is a story of convenient fictions, seen through the eyes of those with a personal interest; Prosper in Crawley, Stu in the US State Department, Conservationist Teddy, Chagossian Madame Lisette Talatte. The play reveals the shocking chronicle of who lied, who believed them, who colluded and who suffered in the expulsion from their homes of a people described by the Foreign Office in 1966 as ‘a few Tarzans and Men Fridays’ Set against documented history, Adrian Jackson re-imagines the shocking events which began in the age of Cold War secrets and will end in the era of global warming.

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