A promenade performance of The Hunters Grimm

Teatro Vivo in association with The Albany present a promenade performance of The Hunters Grimm, directed by Sophie Austin, from 22 October to 8 November 2014.

The Hunters Grimm takes place in south east London, starting at Deptford Lounge and ends around one mile away at The Albany. The show is described as 'a theatrical journey for grown-ups inspired by the Household Tales of the Brothers Grimm and is for the brave and curious only!'

Synopsis: "The famous Brothers Grimm need your help. They need stories, more stories than they can gather themselves. You must search the dark streets of Deptford for new tales, where you may come across an anarchic frog convinced he is a prince, give beauty advice to an ageing stepmother, engage in a foot amputation, dance with the musicians of Bremen and participate in an adventure to cure nightmares. Along the way you’ll hear familiar and strange stories of love, death, poverty, longing and sausages."

Teatro Vivo like to take “theatre where you least expect it” and are now in their ninth year. They transform much loved stories into theatrical adventures by working with communities and audiences.

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