A Rude Awakening by Barry Peters at the New End 1 Feb

A Rude Awakening, by Barry Peters, at New End Theatre, a fringe venue in Hampstead, north London, from 1 Feb to 6 Mar 2011.

Directed by Olivia Rowe, cast includes Jonathan Woodward, Genevieve Adam, Chris Barley, Séan Browne, Morgan Deare, James Le Feuvre, Lucy Newman-Williams, Sarah Wolff .

A transcendental exploration of reversed morals in a future where gay’s the word and to be straight is a taboo. In the deep South of the USA, homophobic politician Tom Holdsworth and his gay campaign manager Bobby are killed in a car crash. When their bodies are unfrozen 150 years later, they find themselves in a world where heterosexuality is illicit. But how far does this rude awakening really take us from the corruption of the world we know today?

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