Adventure/Misadventure by Nick Field - Ovalhouse

Adventure/Misadventure, written and performed by Nick Field, directed by Rachel Mars, at Ovalhouse Upstairs theatre, in south London, from 4 to 22 June 2013.

Nick Field has chased geishas, discoed with Buddhist monks and travelled to the ends of the earth, all in pursuit of a freedom that constantly seems - quite literally - over the next horizon. With tales of crap jobs, relationship disasters and intrepid exploration, Nick journeys from romanticism to reality and back again to question where we can really find freedom.

Adventure/Misadventure is a trip of a lifetime told through a megamix of theatre, roller-skating and a dash of surrealism. Accompanied by a live score of puckish rediscovered pop classics performed on the harp; explorers welcome.

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