Alan Ayckbourn's Time Of My Life at the Tabard

Upstanding Productions Ltd in association with Rare Insight Productions Ltd will present Time Of My Life, by Alan Ayckbourn, at the Tabard Theatre in west London, from 3 to 28 March 2015, with an official opening on 5 March.

The play will be directed by Law Ballard and cast will include John Pickard as Glyn. Pickard is best known for his roles in Channel 4 soap"Hollyoaks" and BBC comedy "2Point4 Children". He will be joined by Adam Wittek, Bonnie Adair, David Lucas, Joanna Pope, Joe Leather, Joey Bartram, Lucy Formby, Oliver Hewett and Tansy Adair.

Synopsis: "When Gerry Stratton plans a family meal out with his two grown up sons to celebrate his wife Laura’s 54th birthday and proposes an almost prophetic toast to ‘happy times’, he has no idea of the events that will unfold over the course of that evening. Their elder son, Glyn, is now back together with his long-suffering wife Stephanie, and their younger son, Adam has brought along his new girlfriend, an outrageous hairdresser, to meet the Stratton family for the first time."

Time Of My Life originally premiered in Scarborough and this was followed by its first London run - at the Vaudeville Theatre in 1993 for twelve weeks.

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