Alice Diamond and the Forty Thieves by Skin of Our Teeth

Alice Diamond and the Forty Thieves, by Skin of Our Teeth Theatre Company, at The Bell, a pub fringe theatre, in east London, from 6 to 24 April 2013.

It is directed by Madelaine Beevers and produced by Emma Williamson.

It is 1955. Beneath the growing prosperity of London lingers a dark criminal underworld. Violence and bloodshed are rife. Amongst all this depravity exists Alice Diamond, enigmatic leader of the Forty Thieves. A Queen in a world of Kings. Loyal protege Maud, fresh out of prison and weary of her own existence, returns to find the world she left changed. One of the girls has been brutally murdered and fear has taken her place. A night of celebration soon turns sour as Maud discovers more than she bargained for.

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