Alice's Adventures in the New World at Old Red Lion

Fluff productions presents Alice's Adventures in the New World by Sarah Sigal, at the Old Red Lion Theatre, a fringe venue in Angel, north London from 23 Feb to 13 March 2010

Directed by Jessica Beck, designed by Lily Arnold and Katherine Webb.

Cast: Rebecca Dunn, Ailsa Ilott, Emily North, Fiona Putnam.

A music hall drama that explores myths about women, sexuality and gender relations in the Victorian era. It is 1882.

You are a seventeen year-old girl and you have just discovered your deceased mother is still alive and living in America. You set off to find her and meet: a) an artist with an opium addiction b) a depressed Socialist preaching free love c) a hypochondriac debutante d) a cattle rustler whose four husbands have all mysteriously disappeared e)Oscar Wilde f) your mother or g) all of the above. Wherever you go, you seem to be the only one in the room not wearing a corset and things become curiouser and curiouser along the way.

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