An Actress Prepares: Marilyn Monroe at New End Theatre

An Actress Prepares: Marilyn Monroe, at the New End Theatre, a fringe venue in Hampstead, north London, late evenings from 14 June to 10 July 2011.

Starrinmg Irina Diva (Marilyn Monroe), Graham Elwell (The Dresser)

Tragi-comic re-telling of the Marilyn Monroe's last interview marking what would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 85th birthday in July 2011. When abandoned child Norma Jean found herself the centre of the public eye no one could have foreseen the scandal and sensation that followed. As her final days approach it’s time to be candid and unveil a narrative of inevitable struggle and unfulfilled desire. This portrayal reinterprets Marilyn’s final interview.

The production spearheads the Marilyn Monroe Charitable Trust - an initiative pioneered by Irina Diva to provide support for children growing up without parents in Bulgaria and beyond.

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