An Inspector Calls Back, by Miranda Walker at Courtyard

An Inspector Calls Back by Miranda Walker, at Courtyard Theatre's main House, in Islington, north London, from 8 to 13 March 2011.

Directed by Paul Miltonm, produced by Cheltenham Everyman.

Cast includes Norma Atallah (Pat), Sonia Beck (Debra), Lisa Cassidy (Maxine), Nicholas J Rose (Jason), Gregor Hunt (Michael), Lucy Grace Norris (Kylie).

Set at a pre-school where bureaucracy’s gone mad, nobody’s sure what’s PC anymore and the committee want to ban yoghurt on the grounds of safety. It’s the evening between a two day Ofsted inspection. As nerves fray, tempers simmer and the straight-talking deputy refuses to toe the line, will the control-freak playleader go on holiday and save her marriage, or lose everything to save the group? Can the feisty assistant and cautious manager really get together? And will trainee Kylie ever stay out of the ball-pool?

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