Around The World In Eighty Days at The O2


A new production of Around The World In Eighty Days, by Jules Verne, is due to receive its world premiere in 'The Pavilion' at The O2, London, in June 2014 for an eleven week run. The production will then go on a nineteen city US tour.

Directed by Sean Foley and produced by Matthew Churchill Productions.

Before this production commences, Sean Foley will be directing I Can’t Sing!, the musical based on The X Factor, at the London Palladium.

Around The World In Eighty Days audiences will experience a multi-media show featuring a 360 degree dome the size of ten IMAX screens. The show will also include a hot air balloon flying above the audience and a 20 foot high steam-powered elephant.

Join the eccentric Englishman Phileas Fogg and his trusty servant Passepartout as they race by boat, train, hot air balloon and elephant in a bid to get around the world in eighty days. Will the mountains, jungles and oceans of our wondrous planet defeat them? Will Fogg win his wager or become a ruined man? And exactly where does love figure in this incredible adventure? Most importantly, will Passepartout ever be able to boil Fogg’s egg for exactly 204 seconds?!

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