Autumn Season at 100-seat Trafalgar Studios 2

Autumn Season at 100-seat Trafalgar Studios 2

The new season at the 100-seat Trafalgar Studios Two has been announced to 3 Feb 2007

Following the prevously mentioned Rabbit by Nina Raine ( 5 Sep to 7 Oct 2006)

Other Productions include....

10 Oct 2006 - 4 Nov 2006
Neil Laidlaw for NML Productions
Notes from Underground By Eric Bogosian, directed by Adrian Osmond. Starring Will Adamsale . 'Today I ate a meal at a fancy restaurant. I like to do that sometimes. It makes me feel like I’m part of the world. Makes me realize nothing is impossible.’ A tale from the city’s edge. Will Adamsdale takes us on a darkly journey filled with stolen cars, sleeping pills, kitchen knives, and cheddar cheese crackers.

7 Nov 2006 - 18 Nov 2006
Feelgood Theatre Productions presents
Not About Heroes By Stephen MacDonald. Directed by Caroline Clegg . During WWII, two of England’s greatest twentieth century poets met in Craiglockhart War Hospital. Siegfried Sassoon was a decorated war hero who was hospitalised after protesting against the continuing war. Wilfred Owen was a victim of shell shock and accused of cowardice. Upon returning to the front Sassoon was shot in the head, but survived. Owen went on to win a Military Cross and die in the trenches four days before Armistice. This play is a moving celebration of their friendship, their poetry, the power of words and the futility of war.

21 Nov 2006 - 16 Dec 2006
Charm Offensive in association with Doublethink Theatre presents
Gates of Gold By Frank McGuinness, directed by Gavin McAlinden, starring William Gaunt. Gates of Gold explores the nature of love and a unique partnership between two men, one a great actor now approaching the end of his life, and the other an eminent director. Inspired by the true story of two of Ireland’s greatest figures: the founders of the Gate Theatre, Hilton Edwards and Michael MacLiammoir, it offers a glimpse of two lives devoted to each other and the theatre they founded.

20 Dec 2006 - 6 Jan 2007
Horla presents
Grimms - The Final Chapter adapted by Alistair Green for Horla. Enter a world of horror, mystery and fun where all the manner of strange characters tell a tale or two. Savour the tales of the infamous Russian witch Baba Yaga, the beautiful but wicked Polish Lady Balladine, Vasily the Ukrainian bride stealing vampire and Snow White and The Seven Puppets - Horla’s own version of the German classic. From closer to home come the utterly silly Singing Po and the Hitchcock Tale, a dark horror.

10 Jan 2007 - 3 Feb 2007
Theatre of Memory presents
Bash by Neil La Bute, directed by Tamara Harvey. A collection of three darkly one – act plays. In 'Iphegnia in Orem ' a Utah business man confides in a stranger in a Las Vegas hotel room recounting for the first time the events surrounding the death of his child. In 'Gaggle of Saints' a young mormon couple recount the violent events of an anniversary weekend in New York City. In 'Medea Redux' a woman tells of her complex and ultimately tragic relationship with her junior high school teacher. This trio of harrowing personal accounts are unblinking portraits of the complexities of evil in everyday life.

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