Aya Theatre presents Kasper by Peter Handke at arch 6

Aya theatre company presents Kasper, by Peter Handke at Arch 6, a cavernous converted railway arch behind the Tate Modern, in south London, from 12 Jan to 6 Feb 2011.

Directed by George Moustakas, designed by George Moustakas, lighting by Anna Sbokou, sound by Helen Atkinson. Devised by the Company, dramaturg by Alexander Medem.

Starring Ryan Kiggell (Kaspar); Elisa Terren, Duncan Thomas.

Kaspar is inspired by the historical story of Kaspar Hauser, a teenage boy discovered in 1828 in a German town square, who could speak only one sentence: 'I want to be a cavalryman, as my father was'. Later, it emerged that he had spent his childhood in a dark room, cut off from human contact. He was taken in, taught how to speak and how to be a regular member of society, until he was stabbed to death mysteriously in 1833.

Handke re-imagines Kaspar now, an absurd man formed and deformed through his violent exposure to the language of society: the language of adspeak, corporate phrases and sports platitudes. Ideas about received speech, conformism and the corruption of the individual are exploded into bizarre and fascinating vocal rhythms, soundscapes and stage images.

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