Bad Bat presents The Probleming at Tristan Bates Theatre

Bad Bat presents Steve Jordan's horror comedy play The Probleming, performing at the Tristan Bates Theatre in central London, from 28 Jul to 02 Aug 2014.

Synopsis: 'Cynthia's university life is a nightmare. She hates her peers, her campus and she's beginning to hate herself. Her only 'friend' is Nicole - a scatterbrained party girl, desperate for popularity. In an effort to move up the social ladder, they join the only student society that appeals - the Speculative Analysis Society (Spec Anal for short) - a group on a quest to prove the existence of the paranormal. As it turns out, it's not a group at all; just a bloke called Dave in a bow-tie, a lone ghost enthusiast who believes that the isolated rural campus of Trent Park University is haunted by the spirits of witches that were burned at the stake on the grounds of the campus. Despite Cynthia's cynicism, the trio venture out into the seemingly endless fields at night. A harmless bit of fun? Or a night of terror they must fight to survive? Behold, The Probleming.'

The cast of The Probleming features Emma Stirling (Cynthia), Ellen Gallagher (Nicole) and Adam Joselyn (Dave).

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