Battersea Arts Centre's Summer 2014 Highlights

The Battersea Arts Centre in south London has announced details of its Summer 2014 season, as well as details of its Scratch festival which celebrates theatre, music and comedy. Two productions running at the venue include:

Wot? No Fish!! by Danny Braverman, which will run at the venue from 1 to 19 July 2014. Presented by bread&circuses, it is directed by Nick Philippou and stars the writer Danny Braverman.

Described as a story about love, history, art and catering, this solo show tells of how Braverman discovered the art of his Great-uncle. In 1926 shoemaker Ab Solomons begins to draw cartoons on his wage packets, before giving them to his wife Celie. This continues every week throughout their marriage and begins to track the highs and lows of their life together.

Fine Chisel presents Dumbstruck, which runs from 2-19 July 2014. The cast of actor musicians "conjure the rush of waves, the buzz of a 1960s pirate radio station and the far-from-dry world of marine mammal bioacoustics."

As Fiona is losing her voice, Mal is losing his faith and Ted is losing his marbles. In the North Pacific, a lonely whale sings. Dumbstruck has enjoyed performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it won the 2013 Fringe First Award as well as the MTN Award for Innovation.

The Battersea Arts Centre Summer Season also features a wide number of short running performances. For full details, visit the venue's website.

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