Belvedere by Ana Maria Bamberger at White Bear Theatre

Gunpowder Theatre in association with Magus Theatre Productions presents Belvedere, by Ana Maria Bamberger, at the White Bear Theatre, a fringe venue in Kennington, south London, from 23 Oct to 11 Nov 2012.

Directed by Genevieve Girling, designed by Emily Harwood, lighting by Sarah Cogan, costumes by Cristina Soru. Cast includes Robert Gwyn Davin, Steve Wickenden, Kathryn Worth.

A battle of head versus heart in an environment where reality, memory, imagination and hallucination merge and unravel in the mind of one man caught in the ultimate dilemma: does truth exist or is reality just a choice? Anton, a hugely successful playwright and psychiatric patient, has been given the opportunity, whether by imagination or hallucination, to be able to live in a world of his own choosing - a world that he has created for himself - but a visit from the past causes him to examine whether he should continue to live in his alternate universe, or allow himself to be 'cured'.

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