Bend It Like Beauty with Ben Voss at Oval House

Mamba Productions presents Bend It Like Beauty, written and performed by Ben Voss, at the Oval House Theatre, a fringe venue in south London, from 25 May to 12 June 2010.

A cross between Lily Savage, Dame Edna Everage and Rory Bremner. Ben Voss, unleashes a character who represents the face of the new South Africa – the rich, black, opinionated and botox-ed Business Woman of the Year, Beauty Ramapelepele.

Ben’s character exhibits shady struggle-credentials with her drug-running father killed in the Sharpeville massacre of 1960, a sister married to the Head of the Reserve Bank, and Zanele Mbheki as a personal friend. Add in a construction-mogul husband who landed the contract on the new King Senzangakhona soccer stadium, and Beauty becomes an expert on all the underhand gossip in the power corridors of South African business and politics.

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